Charity Joint Working Agreement Template

Charities can work with other charities to achieve their goals. This joint work could include: Before you start, you need to get permission from the charity for which you want to raise funds. You should also inform your donors of the destination of the funds. For example, if you raise funds for more than one charity, you explain how much of the funds will go to each charity. Your charity may want to raise money for other charities or donate it to other charities, for example.B. if they can use it more effectively for a particular thing. Before your charity decides to do one of these things, you should start by asking what you intend to accomplish. Administrators should check correctly and be satisfied that: Regardless of the size and complexity of the proposed agreement, you must assess the associated risks and ensure that you have treated them correctly in the agreement. You have to decide, for example. B, if you want to include a termination clause if your joint venture doesn`t work. For more information, see “Common Working Agreements” of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations. Your charity can also raise funds on behalf of another charity.

For example, if there has been a major disaster or emergency, you can assist another charity that is appealing. The Corporate Documents folder also contains a wide range of professional documents and instructions for charities, clubs and other non-profit organizations. These documents are an invaluable resource for creators of new charities and clubs, administrators of existing organizations and their advisors to assist in the creation and operation of charities. The portfolio includes legal models ranging from loan, shareholder, investment, business and share sales contracts to instructions and accompanying documents, such as board minutes and decisions on compliance with corporate secretaries` obligations and compliance, as well as relationships with directors, equity and earnings. Make sure the other charity`s goals match yours. Check your government document to make sure it doesn`t stop you from donating money to another charity. Record your decision to fund another charity in the minutes of your meeting. Once you have found a partner you can work with, write a formal agreement to clearly state what the two charities want and agree on.

How to identify partners you can work with, create agreements and donations for other charities. Your charity can fund another charity to do its charitable work. You have to be sure that it is in the interest of your charity. This includes checking whether every money you give is used as you planned. For more information on fundraising for another charity, see the Commission`s detailed fundraising guidelines.

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