Western Sydney City Deal Project Agreement

Western Parkland City will be one of Australia`s most interconnected cities. In an emerging 30-minute city, innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure will bring people closer to jobs, services, education and the world. The Australian city agreements were influenced by the uk City Deals agreements. The British model and other local international agreements are discussed in this AHURI letter. This agreement between the Commonwealth, the government and the city of Western Parkland`s eight local councils will result in a transformational change to make the region an epicenter of sydney`s viability. Three cities, each supporting urban and strategic centres, bring workers closer to knowledge-intensive jobs, urban infrastructure and services, entertainment and cultural facilities. In an inclusive area of Sydney, freedom of expression and creativity are supported and recognized as part of the innovation economy. The City of Western Parkland will create 200,000 new jobs in a variety of industries over the next 20 years. The airport and airlift will attract knowledge-intensive infrastructure, investment and jobs, and the benefits will be spent on health and education, retail, hospitality and industrial activities that will fuel the city. Sydney`s West Airport will be a game for the region.

Strategic campaign planning in the green grasslands around the airport will pave the way for the creation of new jobs and homes, backed by significant infrastructure in the heart of Western Sydney, and bring us closer to achieving a 30-minute city. The Western Sydney City Deal (WSCD) provides a 20-year framework for coordinating existing investments and new investments, planning and infrastructure between the federal government and the federal states and the eight western Parkland City councils. The 38 commitments listed in the agreement focus on “a 30-minute city worth living, with infrastructure and facilities that bring people closer to jobs, services, education and the world.” The agreement provides for 200,000 new jobs, mainly supported by Western Sydney Aerotropolis (based around Sydney`s Western Airport at Badgery`s Creek), as well as a series of initiatives on industrial investment, agriculture, science and technology as well as higher education. Improving connectivity through investment in public transport is a central theme, with the core being a North South Rail link. The NSW government has also committed to rapid bus connections from Liverpool, Penrith and Campbelltown centres to Sydney`s western International Airport. The Western Sydney City Deal defines the City of Parkland`s investment base to become a fully realized 21st century city. Given that the population of Greater Sydney will reach 8 million over the next 40 years and that almost half of this population lives west of Parramatta, the reorientation of economic and social opportunities will benefit from this growth and make the benefits of greater Sydney fairer and fairer. A prosperous and forward-looking city, highly connected, innovative and worthy of experience, as well as the measurement of inputs and processes, important performance metrics will assess the value generated by the City Deal to the people of Western Parkland City. The development of performance criteria is an ongoing process that will evolve and adapt over time through experience and the emergence of new data. Longer-term milestones for some projects will be defined subject to further planning. The complexity of a growing region means that different approaches are needed depending on the context, including national investments of national importance, land-up and land-release corridors, or a concentration on a given strategic centre or territory.

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