Good Neighbor Authority Agreement

The power provided for in this paragraph expires on 1 October 2023. Subsection b, point 2 A. L. 115-334, §8624 (b) (2) (B), “good neighbourly agreement” replaced by “cooperation agreement or contract concluded in accordance with subsection a) ]. Directive/Action: GNA authorises BLM to enter into an agreement or contract (including the only source) with a Land government to implement qualified projects. Impact on the budget: The impact on the budget is minimal, with the exercise of authority decided on the basis of improving the effectiveness of certain salaries. The secretary makes available to the public any agreement on good neighbors. The Good Neighbor Authority allows the USDA Forest Service to enter into agreements with state forest authorities to perform critical management work to keep our forests healthy and productive. Notwithstanding other legal provisions, any payment made by a county to the secretary in connection with a project carried out under a good neighbour agreement shall not be considered funds received from the Land of the National Forest System or the Bureau of Land Management Land. Following the success of the GNA, Congress expanded Good Neighbor authorities to allow for the reconstruction and repair of necessary roads (with funds from fiscal year 2018) and to allow tribes and counties to enter into GNA agreements (with Farm Bill 2018). “Good Neighbourly Agreement” means a cooperation agreement or contract (including an exclusive source contract) between the Secretary and a Governor or County to perform catering services approved in accordance with this Section. Background: The GNA was first approved in 2000 as a pilot authority for the U.S.

Forest Service and the State of Colorado (PL 106-291). The BLM then obtained the same authority by PL 108-447. The objective was to facilitate cooperation between public and federal land managers on watershed restoration and protection projects where ownership was mixed and conditions were such that efficiency could be achieved by allowing the state to carry out treatments on federal, state and private lands. . . .

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