Fourth Protocol To The General Agreement On Trade In Services

FN 15 The term “non-discriminatory” refers to most-favoured-nation and national treatment within the meaning of the Agreement and reflects the sectoral use of the term to refer to “conditions which are no less favourable than those granted to any other user of equal public telecommunications networks or services in similar circumstances”. (i) in the context of the provision of services provided directly or indirectly for the purpose of supplying a military installation; (d) Members shall take particular account of the possibilities of least developed countries to encourage foreign suppliers of telecommunications services to support technology transfer, training and other activities that support the development of their telecommunications infrastructure and the development of their trade in telecommunications services. Desiring to establish a multilateral framework of principles and rules governing trade in services with a view to the expansion of such trade under conditions of transparency and progressive liberalization and as a means of promoting the economic growth of all trading partners and the development of developing countries, (1) With regard to all measures covered by this Agreement, each Member shall provide services and services to another Member without delay and without conditions, treatment which is no less favourable than that which it accords to similar services and service providers in another country. 3. Negotiating guidelines and procedures shall be established for each round.

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